Home lifestyle Perhaps we didn’t give Gini Wijnaldum enough credit

Perhaps we didn’t give Gini Wijnaldum enough credit

Perhaps we didn't give Gini Wijnaldum enough credit

Georginio Gregion Emile Wijnaldum  On loan from Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain, Emile Wijnaldum is a Dutch professional footballer who now plays midfield for Serie A club Roma and the Netherlands national team.

Overall info about Gini Wijnaldum

Wijnaldum, an Eredivisie team Feyenoord academy product, made his debut in 2007 as the club’s youngest player ever. He went on to play 134 matches over the course of a five-year period, winning the KNVB Cup in 2008. Wijnaldum spent four seasons at PSV Eindhoven after leaving Feyenoord. During that time, he won the Eredivisie in his last season and the KNVB Cup in his first, as well as the Dutch Footballer of the Year award.

Wijnaldum paid £14.5 million to join Newcastle United in the Premier League in 2015, but he left after the team was demoted a year later to sign with Liverpool for £23 million. Wijnaldum’s position in the midfield at Liverpool is deeper than it was at his previous teams. In the 2018–19 campaign, Wijnaldum started as the team won the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final and scored twice against Barcelona in the comeback Champions League semifinal second leg as Liverpool advanced 4–3 on aggregate. [4] [5] He was crucial to Liverpool’s success the following year when they won the UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and Premier League, the team’s first league crown in 30 years. In 2021, Wijnaldum committed to joining French club Paris Saint-Germain.

Editor`s opinion.

The grass isn’t always greener for Liverpool players who strive for a move elsewhere, I wrote last season as Gini Wijnaldum struggled to establish himself in Paris.

Rarely is it. Just take a look at Emre Can, Coutinho, Gini, and perhaps even Sadio Mane, who is currently on the bench for Bayern Munich as they struggle to get off to a good start in the Bundesliga.

However, it’s also possible that Liverpool will miss these players more than we first thought after they leave the club.

Now, I’m not necessarily arguing that it wasn’t the right time to get rid of Wijnaldum. He was poor in his final season with us (2020/21) and his performances hadn’t merited the kind of elite salary he was

However, it’s also possible that Wijnaldum’s talent and significance weren’t fully appreciated by Liverpool fans during his prime.

The ideal midfield for the brand of football Jurgen Klopp played—and is currently failing to play—was made up of an on-form Fabinho, a healthy Jordan Henderson, and the player who was utilised the most of the three, Wijnaldum. Sport on today are always changing you can`t expect what`s going to happen next     

Watch this highlight reel to see how the three played in our storied win over Manchester City during our championship-winning campaign. Off the ball, the harrying and pushing are superb, as are the positioning and intelligence of the interceptions. They hunt as a group, seldom more than a few meters apart, and have excellent ball retention.

Fabinho is currently being used by Liverpool, and he currently has little on either side and appears to be physically and mentally exhausted. James Milner’s legs are no longer functional, and although skilled, Harvey Elliott and Fabio Carvalho are hardly the Wijnaldum-type midfielders of former Liverpool.

Other facts related to Gini Wijnaldum

Of course Thiago is tremendously talented, but this is the issue. Throughout his whole career, the Spaniard has never started more than 26 league games in a single season. Wijnaldum played in the Premier League 38, 36, 33, 35, 37, and 38 times each of his six years in England. Any football player’s availability is his most underappreciated quality.

Thiago and Naby Keita together were worth less in terms of available minutes than one Wijnaldum, which disproves the idea that our midfield has a lot of alternatives. It’s not plentiful if those players are either injured or not good enough.

We probably didn’t appreciate Gini enough as players either. He was able to run, dribble, tackle, and shift possession. He was criticized for not getting into the box often or offering cutting through-balls, but he wasn’t told to. He was almost impossible to knock the ball off of, and his energy was unmatched. We’ve had enormous, glaring holes in our midfield this season. When Wijnaldum played for Klopp, this just didn’t happen because of his positional effectiveness.

According to Klopp’s remarks following Wijnaldum’s sale, the club should have paid a large sum of money to keep him on a lucrative contract. While it may have been the correct time to split ways, we haven’t replaced the Dutchman, who has struggled since he left us and had his worst season in his final season with Liverpool.

Although Thiago shares many similarities with them and is significantly more creatively dangerous, his ongoing injury issues prevent him from being as productive for us as he could be. Wijnaldum was a better football for us to rely on, even though Thiago is a superior player.


Some may argue that the fact that we performed admirably without Gini during the middle of the previous season renders this piece obsolete. But the argument being made here is that a player of his calibre was never recognised as such during his time there. We yearned for a scorer who would slam one in from 30 yards out.

The goal for Liverpool in the upcoming transfer windows is to get individuals who can contribute to some of his understated brilliance. Starting with Moises Caicedo or Ibrahima Sangare would be a good idea.

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