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How To Create The Perfect Price For Your T-shirts

How To Create The Perfect Price For Your T-shirts

Starting your own business is not child’s play. You have to start everything from scratch. And with zero previous experience, it can become even tougher. 

However, you can learn about each and every step online. No matter if it’s “how to easily kickstart your own business?” or “how can I make customized shirts? So in today’s article, we’ll answer one of your queries about the t-shirt business i.e., how much $$$ you can make selling t-shirts online? Or how you can create the perfect fruit loom t-shirts wholesale price?

This decision basically depends on two key factors:

  • Expenses
  • Pricing strategies

Both of these factors will have an impact on your business earnings. This is why you must make enough earnings to have a sustainable income. And also beat your competitors with amazing and the “BEST” prices. 

So, if you are willing to start your own t-shirt merch or just a wholesale business, but are confused about product pricing, then keep reading. 

Step 1: Calculate Your Total Expenses

What should I charge for t-shirts?

This question has most likely crossed your mind while you consider selling merchandise. The truth is that before you can add a t-shirt business profit margin and begin selling, you must first evaluate your expenses. Let’s have a quick glance at it. 

Production Expenses

Your overall expenditure relies on how you create/customize and further sell the product.

  • Design Cost

Kudos, if you are a designer yourself. As the only expenses, you will have to bear will be tools or software. 

In that scenario, you can add your design costs to the t-shirt purchase to cover the costs or compensate yourself for the time spent working. Our recommendation is to buy at wholesale prices. For instance, fruit loom t-shirts wholesale will be more affordable than buying in bulk from the brand.

However, if you are not an artist, you will need to hire a designer.

Here are two formulas for calculating your t-shirt design costs:

Design Cost Divided By The Number Of Designs Equals Design Cost Per Shirt.
Minimum Quantity Of T-Shirts To Sell = Design Cost / Profit Margin.
  •  ECommerce Platform Fees

Fees for marketplaces or eCommerce platforms are another cost to consider. For example, Etsy will take a large percentage of your sales, but larger platforms like Shopify would charge a flat fee (the cheapest being $29). Many of these platforms will also charge unexpected fees.

Step 2: Addition Of Profit Margin

Now that you’ve totaled all of your expenses, it’s time to answer the following question:

What should the price of a t-shirt be?

Use the following formula to price your t-shirts for retail:

Retail Price = Production Cost + Profit Margin (E.G., 20%) + Expenditures

 Keep in mind that you can change your margin, but it shouldn’t be significantly greater than the price of your competitors (since this would make it more difficult to sell). If you’re still stumped on how to calculate a profit margin, stay reading for more advice and methods.

Tips And Tricks For Pricing

The ideal technique to determine your retail pricing is to ensure that it is more or less in line with the typical t-shirt price. However, don’t be scared to charge what your t-shirts are worth.

Consider the following pricing recommendations:

  • Most producers aim for a 20% profit margin, whereas merchants aim for a 50% profit margin.
  • Look at the prices in your specialty to get the average t-shirt price.
  • The suggested retail price per shirt ranges from $24.99 to $30.99 (some successful sellers put their prices at $3-5 over the average range).
  • Assess your intended audience (the younger the audience, the lower your prices should be).
  • To keep your sale price modest, stick to a one-sided print with 1-3 colors in your trademark design.
  • Excessive pricing might backfire and reduce sales.
  • The more samples you order in bulk, the less expensive it will be.
  • People like to buy things that have free shipping.

Quick Tip: End your t-shirt costs with .99 rather than.00 (e.g., $30.99 rather than $31). This is a well-known psychological ploy used by businesses since the beginning of time: .99 makes the price appear lower, even when the difference is only one cent.

With those suggestions in mind, let us move on to practical strategies.

  • Competitive Pricing

Your personalized t-shirt will be neither cheaper nor more expensive than the usual t-shirt price with this pricing. It’s a somewhat safe bet for reaching a wide audience that buys at the average market price, but it’s also risky because it pits you against other vendors.

  • Pricing That Is Either Above Or Below The Market Average

Increase the worth of your t-shirt (without keeping the average price) to set it apart from the crowd. You can, for example, provide a free gift or any other interesting offer. This will make your t-shirt appear more appealing.

Reduce your t-shirt pricing (while maintaining quality) to set it below the average.

  • Price Reductions

With this method, you establish a higher price for your t-shirt than the typical price and then offer sales or special bargains on occasion. This strategy could be useful during the holiday season when consumers are more likely to shop online.

  • Pricing For Penetration

This is a frequent practice among successful innovators. You begin with lower-than-average pricing and progressively raise your prices as you get more clients. So, if you’re not ready to charge greater pricing just yet, you may do this.

  • Pricing For Bundles

This is another incredibly appealing tactic to the buyer. It’s essentially a bundle product made up of numerous t-shirts or apparel items sold at a slightly lower price than a single item. Isn’t it true that the more the merrier? This is why offering product bundles frequently boosts revenue.

Now It’s Your Turn

Conduct a brief study to choose which method you should begin with: Google clothing companies in your niche and look at their social media accounts or websites. It will assist you in determining how to price your t-shirts. Once done, IT’S TIME TO START SELLING!

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