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A Comprehensive Guide To OnlyFans Clone Features for 2022

Guide To OnlyFans Clone Features

Even though OnlyFans has expanded significantly over the past year, its core mission has not changed: to allow creators the freedom to express themselves and the resources to interact with their followers. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to review what OnlyFans has to offer, whether you’re already a creator on the site or are just considering about creating an account. We’ve put up a comprehensive list of OnlyFans Clone features in alphabetical order now that the year is halfway over. The following list contains all of the OnlyFans features: 2022 version


This one should go without saying. You may quickly save your favorite OF producers’ best images, videos, audio, messages, and locked content and return to it whenever you like.


The campaign function enables designers to monitor the success of a particular promotion they are running. Create a unique URL for each campaign, then start monitoring the clicks and subscribers it brings in. A creator can then put up unique connections for various marketing campaigns and assess their effectiveness.


Going Live is certainly unique in and of itself, but going live together? A game-changer, that!

You can collaborate and co-stream with other OnlyFans creators on the platform as a creator. Co-streaming is a great method for two creators to connect with a brand-new audience.

You can start streaming right away if you find a friend on OnlyFans and agree on a time.


OnlyFans has made it simpler than ever for creators who want to give back to the community to generate money for the charity of your choosing. Simply make a post outlining your fundraising goals, choose the target symbol in the post composer, choose the preset donation amounts you’d like to offer your fans, and presto! When you receive a donation, you’ll be notified.

Liven Up

In addition to allowing you to stream, the live feature also instantly uploads your final movie to the site. In this manner, late-arriving admirers of yours can view it as a video-on-demand at their convenience!


Utilize the lists tool to categorize your followers and choose particular groups to reach out to for messaging, promotions, and co-stream requests. You may manage who and how you communicate with on your account by using lists.


With our polling function, you can get opinions from your fans and hear their thoughts. Making a poll enables your followers to participate and give their feedback on anything, such as your upcoming posts, potential collaborators, or even the greatest pasta shape.

It’s the ideal tool to promote your account, communicate with followers swiftly, and get over writer’s block.

Messaging via PPV

You can simultaneously send Pay Per View messages to all of your fans with OnlyFans in addition to sending them to specific fans. Include your media and a pricing.


Use the quiz tool to interact with your neighborhood. Choose the question mark icon when creating a post and write your questions and answers there. Test your fans’ expertise on a topic you’re passionate about or ask them questions about personal details about yourself to help them get to know you even better!

Planned Posts

The scheduling option is the ideal tool for you if you have a sudden rush of creative energy and want to save up content for a later time or if your fandom is in a different time zone.

Both full-time and part-time authors can build a queue of content to be released at your discretion using our scheduling tool. Despite the fact that you need to sleep, your account doesn’t!

Integration of social media

Boost your other social media channels by connecting your Twitter to your OnlyFans account! Utilize the elements that each social media network offers specifically to display the various facets of your personality.

Utilizing Spotify

It’s been demonstrated that our shared musical preferences help us humans build close relationships. It’s simple for creators to connect their Spotify accounts to their OnlyFans profiles and use music to deepen their connections with their followers thanks to OnlyFans!

Page of Statistics

The statistics page will be of great assistance if you wish to know your fans even better. Focus on your target market by keeping track of the nations that your admirers come from and how they find your material.

Go to your profile page and click the three vertical dots on your cover photo to get your page statistics. Have fun browsing all the information connected to your account by selecting “Statistics.” Even if you lack mathematical prowess, the feature will still enable you to understand what you’re looking at.

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Want to directly connect with your fans? You can publish films using the narrative function, but they only remain up for 24 hours. Create your own personal style with captions, stickers, and overlays for your stories!


Give your supporters the chance to express their gratitude by tipping you. Tips and tip menus are a fun way to monetize your OnlyFans account and give your followers another option to interact with you. On posts, in DMs, and on streams, tips can be left for creators.

Best Fans

Believe us, fans adore being acknowledged! You can send an exclusive message to your top 1-5% of subscribers using the top fans function. Tell your most devoted supporters how much you value their support!

Based on the amount of interaction, tips, and other purchases a subscriber makes to a creator, the overall top fans are determined. The interactions and purchases made in a given month are the only factors used to select the monthly top fans. Run monthly contests with your most devoted followers to become creative!


Consider the vault as a storage space for your highlight video. All of your previous live streams, movies, and images are kept in the vault. Post anything from your archive again later to give new fans access to anything they might have missed the first time!

Better better, the vault allows you to divide any photographs, videos, or other content into their own categories. Additionally, it enables authors to set aside images and videos sent via DM with followers. Have you forgotten which exclusive content you distributed via PPV or messages? You can jog your memory with the vault!

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