FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp, Which One is Best?

Are you getting confusion about FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp? Which one is better? Don’t worry In this article I will discuss about both FM WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp. Also I will cover the main highlights & features of both MOD APK’s.

FM WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp is the modified version of Normal WhatsApp. Both the modded version provide some exclusive, premium and special features. You can easily customise your whole WhatsApp in just one click with the help of FM WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp. Currently, WhatsApp Official doesn’t support any of customisation, security features & other features.

Where WhatsApp Official provide only common feature there FM WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp provide a lot of features like hide blue ticks, sharing large files, status duration increased etc. But normally people get confused about FM WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp.

They confused about FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, which one is best? In this detailed article I will discuss both WhatsApp and also tell about which one is best for you. Read the complete article below and don’t miss any steps and updates.

What Is GB WhatsApp & it’s Features?

Among the greatest mods for the official WhatsApp is called GBWhatsApp, and it was created by GBWA, a third-party programmer. For individuals who have multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device, it has grown to be a highly popular app for Android smartphones.

People download GB WhatsApp as it edition has an alot of convenient features that are absent from the official version, including the ability to send more videos and pictures when compared to the official WhatsApp, hide the online status for a specific contact, hide the blue tick and second tick, hide the typing-a-message state, and anti-revoke messages.

Before comparing both MOD WhatsApp we need to understand about its features. Let’s have a look about GB WhatsApp unique features below.

  • With the help of GB WhatsApp you can easily turn on Airplane Mode from the app inbuilt.
  • GB WhatsApp also support Message Scheduler.
  • It means you can easily set a schedule date and message will be automatically sent to the user.
  • GB WhatsApp most unique feature is Auto Reply.
  • If you are busy and offline then in this condition you can set any message with auto-reply.
  • You can also Hide Chats & Export Chats easily with one tap.
  • GB WhatsApp also support inbuilt Voice Changer. You can easily record your sound and send it in a different voice.
  • GB WhatsApp also support Online Privacy Features likes Freeze Last Seen, Hide Typing & Recording Status, Hide Second Tick & Blue TickControl Who Can Call You, Disable Forwarded, Status on Messages, Show Blue Ticks After Reply, Hide Status Seen Status, Anti-Delete, Status & Messages.
  • You can also Set Custom Password for any contact chats. With this you can easily Secure all your Chats easily.
  • GB WhatsApp also have a Huge Stickers & Wallpapers stocks.
  • It has normally 4000+ Themes. Also you can easily customise any type of theme manually.
  • You can easily hide photos, Video from Gallery.
  • GB WhatsApp has fully Customizable InterfaceWith 50+ Font Styles.
  • GB WhatsApp also support Customize Launcher.

What Is FM WhatsApp & it’s Features?

It is the most effective WhatsApp modification. It was made by Vood Apps. He added numerous features to the software and made them accessible to the users. The Google Play Store does not have this app, but you can get it through a third-party website. For your kind information I wanna tell you that Playstore doesn’t support or allow any MOD version.

However, due to the possibility of malware and viruses on third-party websites, you should exercise caution and use an antivirus programme before downloading the software. In addition to the functionality of the original WhatsApp, this mod also includes a tonne of brand-new features.

There are other versions of the original WhatsApp available online, but none of these offers as many top features as FMWhatsApp. Let’s look at a few strange and unexpected properties of FM WhatsApp. Then, I’ll mention which of FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp is ideal for you at the end of the article.

  • It has a unique features of Anti Ban. Sometime due to GB WhatsApp you can get a temporary ban or even permanent ban. But FM WhatsApp has a anti-ban.
  • It also has it’s own theme store. From which you can use more than 400+ themes.
  • You can change the icon of WhatsApp from the FN WhatsApp. Also you can set your own pic as a icon of WhatsApp.
  • In this mod, you can freeze or hide your most recent seen.
  • Additionally, you can make the double tick invisible or alter its colour.
  • Without letting them know, you can check the statuses of your contacts.
  • Using this patch, you can read the deleted message.
  • You are given access to an app locker where you can keep your chat app secured with a password.
  • To protect your privacy, you can also password-protect your conversation.
  • It also has a tonne of variety stickers.

FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp, Which One Is Best?

As I already mentioned above in the article about FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp’s features. Now it’s totally depends on your that which version do you want to use. Both the version provide you best in class features.

But with the help of FM WhatsApp there is a special features called Anti-Ban. It helps you in a multiple way. Because sometime due to some updates from WhatsApp you can get a ban because of using MOD version. So if you don’t want to get banned from WhatsApp then you can use FM WhatsApp. And I also recommend you to download FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp is far more better than GB WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mod version of WhatsApp?

MOD stands out for modified version. If some apps has been cracked or modded by someone then this called a Mod APK. There is a lot of modified version available on internet. You can easily download FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, Green WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp etc.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp mods?

Definitely not, because mod version contains confidential information about your account. Also it contains some viruses and malware in it. So I always don’t recommend to use any WhatsApp MOD APK. But if you want a more features in WhatsApp then you’ve to use WhatsApp MOD.

Let’s Wrap Up!

In this article, I explained about FM WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp. If you find this article helpful please share this information with your closest too. For more important details follow us. Also you can bookmark our Jihelp Website for latest articles. Also I mentioned which MOD version of WhatsApp is best for you.

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