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7 Ways Event-Tech Can Help Improve the Execution of Your on-Ground Conference Event

Event-Tech Can Help Improve the Execution of Your on-Ground Conference

We all live in a technologically advanced era where every day comes with new innovations. Lots of things that were not possible two decades ago are now possible thanks to technology. In all of our lives, we do attend many events, but after the pandemic, the physical events became impossible to attend, and we somehow moved to virtual events. But now again we all are back with the on-ground events but with a touch of technology. 

Nowadays, the event industry has grown significantly and relies on both aspects of virtual components too. Many big tech events, corporate fairs, and others are using the hybrid model of hosting events in both the physical and virtual worlds. With the right event technology, it is proven that one can enhance the event experience for every attendee and help with overall ROI. Today, here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the important ways that event technology can help you improve your on-ground conference event. This will enhance your event while achieving your objectives with ease. 

Analytics and data

One of the main benefits that event technology offers organizers is the abundance of valuable data. This data provides vital details about the preferences of attendees and their behaviors, which improves the overall experience and boosts your return on investment.

With the right virtual fest platform, you can collect your information in just a few clicks and gain insight into:

  • The characteristics your audience relies on most often for engagement
  • How are your speakers ranked
  • Which sessions sponsored by sponsors were the most productive?
  • How well did sponsored ads perform
  • How did your audience interact with your content
  • How engaged were they with your event?
  • And much more!

When it comes to onsite or virtual events, event technology solutions provide event organizers with relevant data that gives them a greater understanding of what went well as well as what didn’t work and how they can enhance their performance. Event organizers can use this information to provide unforgettable experiences that attract more people to their events year after year.

Large-scale logistics event planning

Event planners often spend a lot of time organizing tools and collecting information from many sources. The manual method requires a lot of time and is ineffective. This is especially evident when planning large-scale events that require intricate logistical planning.

A virtual summit platform brings everything together and makes it easier for event organizers. They are able to work more efficiently, perform tasks more efficiently, collect more information and have access to advanced features that give an increased chance of engagement. This not only helps to streamline the planning process for events, but it also helps to put everything the attendees require all in one place, which makes it easier for them to enjoy their experience on the day.


A quick and simple registration process is the key to the success of an event. Everyone doesn’t want to spend more than the time necessary in order to gain entry to an event. Participants want to be able to enjoy the event they’ve registered for immediately. A poor or burdensome registration process could ruin the overall experience that you’re trying your best to create at your event.

This is why a simple registration process is crucial to the success of both on-ground and virtual events. A complete solution that can streamline registration and ease the event management process in person is among the best methods to meet this promise.

Utilizing a single end-to-end technology for say, a virtual fest platform, solves the problem of managing several vendors. One registration system can manage on-site registration networks, check-ins and badges, attendance tracking and control of access, as well as a lead capture.


While printed maps are useful in their own ways, they don’t have the extra capabilities of the latest technology in the in-app map. They are typically interactive and integrated into the app for events, offering the floor plan in detail and the ability to locate (also called wayfinding).

This gives quick and precise directions for attendees to be able to attend their sessions and meetings, so there are no opportunities to make connections. It’s also a good method to promote and highlight exhibitor booths or sponsored booths and gives them the top real estate to draw attention to their virtual expos.

Artificial Intelligence-powered Meetings

The function of AI in the event industry is to deliver an event that is highly customized and personalized. Without it, participants would not be able to connect with other attendees or attend relevant sessions in a massive or packed schedule of events.

It’s possible to get match suggestions generated by artificial intelligence-powered algorithms, which means that attendees can get the most desirable attendees. Exhibitors can also count on AI-powered algorithms to connect them with the most appropriate leads so that every opportunity to create a new business is wasted.

Conversion ROI

The data isn’t only available to event organizers, exhibitors and sponsors also have access to relevant information and analytics through event technology. This could aid them in gaining a better understanding of their performance during an event, such as the capture of leads and qualifying.

This is particularly relevant with regard to the integrations you can make with your on-ground conference. When leads are taken, they are added to the CSM you prefer to streamline tracking, such as salesforce campaigns, for instance. This allows sponsors and exhibitors to track leads properly and also has a method to evaluate the performance of your event. In the same segment, virtual conference services can help you with that hybrid event and gather all the necessary information for your potential business model. 

More Attendee

There is a lot of excitement about returning to live events, but the research shows that attendance levels are lower than the pre-pandemic level. Event organizers can achieve higher engagement with their brands and increase their audiences over time by using technologies for event management. Event platforms, in particular, can have an impact on attendance figures.

For instance, event organizers could make the event platform accessible prior to the event’s start time to ensure that exhibitors, attendees, and sponsors can connect and get ready for the day of the event. The virtual summit platform can help 80 – 95% of the leads generated during the time before the event.

Bottom Line

When planning an on-ground event make sure to host it as a hybrid event to increase the number of attendees. The event tech is all set to help you with your next virtual exhibition services, virtual expos, or any other format of the event. In the times when the world went online and the majority of the population have the access to smartphones and the internet, hosting the old traditional on-ground event is somehow a bad idea. Try to do both so people from different demographics can also be capable to join your event virtually via a virtual fest platform. Think! Try! Tech-event!

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