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7 Super Easy Ways To Make Your Beard Ready For This Monsoon

Easy Ways To Make Your Beard Ready For This Monsoon

Easy Ways To Make Your Beard Ready For This Monsoon: We love monsoons after a hot summer. The rain drops calms down our mind and refreshes everything. But monsoons are beautiful only if we stay inside our house with a cup of hot coffee. Otherwise, the scenario of putting steps into the mud is not imaginable.

However, in monsoons, moisturization increases in the air, and the raindrops contain harmful acids to our hair and skin. People with oily and acne-prone skin develop more oil in monsoons, and our hair gets oily and patchy. The most irritating problem is for people who have dandruff problems. Men with a beard and looking forward to growing beards also face severe issues in monsoons.

Because of the humidity during monsoons, the skin produces more oil than usual, and lack of care makes the skin either too oily or too dry. As a result, the pores get clogged or dead skin cells, affecting the beard’s health and growth. If one wants to grow their beard without any issues, they must look after their skin as the beards grow on our facial skin.

We will discuss solutions in this blog to eliminate problems like this, especially in the monsoon. So carefully read the entire blog.

7 Easy Ways To Make Your Beard Ready For This Monsoon

Keep the Consistency

We all know that consistency makes anything better. And the growing beard is not a child’s game. Not only beard products can fix the problem. But I need consistency with dieting and exercising. Testosterone hormone in men’s bodies is essential in beard growth. And lack of this hormone can stop your beard from growing voluminous and healthy. So try to eat foods full of zinc.

Zinc helps the hormone maintain. Also, add protein, fibre, and good calories to your diet and reduce smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking are very harmful to testosterone and lead to many health problems. Also, they contain nicotine and alcohol, which is highly toxic to the human body. So try to switch to healthy food; you can skip the diet a maximum of 2 days a week, exercise a week thrice, and keep your body active as much as possible. Because the more you stay active, the blood will flow better. And better blood flow leads to healthy skin and hair, which is also beneficial for beard health.

Don’t skip the skin and beard care regime, especially at night. After coming home from a busy day and outside pollution, our skin needs to get fresh and relax. So always keep consistency in your beard and skincare regime, especially in the monsoon.

Beard Oil

Though monsoon increases the moisture in the air, we still need a moisturizer to lock the hydration in our skin. And people with a beard should use good beard oil to keep the moisture. But remember not to overuse beard oil because it can make your skin look oily. But Mancode is a brand famous for its beard and growth oil. Beard and beard growth oil both work as a moisturizer, but beard growth oil helps more in beard growth, and beard oil helps calm and moisturize the skin. Take two drops of beard oil after washing the face with Mancode’s beard/face wash and warm up the oil with the help of the palm of both of your hands, and massage gently until it’s fully absorbed into the skin. Wait for a few minutes, and that’s it.

Mancode has varieties of beard oil and beard growth oil,

filled with natural and essential oils, extremely effective on men’s skin. Check out their website for further details.


Trimming twice a week helps the beard to grow. And in monsoons, the beard needs more trim; the beards are more likely to get frizzy and patchy. To save your reads from that, do trimming and don’t cut all of it. Just the extras and you are good too.T


There’s nothing better than brushing your beard with a wooden comb. It will detangle the beards and help the dead skin cells to remove. Remember to choose a brush with fine bristles if you have thick beards so they can reach every corner. Also, brushing promotes healthy blood flow to provide more beard growth.


In monsoon, removing dead skin cells is very important, especially if you have dry skin. Otherwise, it will develop an itchy beard. Mancode is available for varieties of scrubs enriched with tea tree, charcoal, coffee, turmeric, and more. In monsoon, the best will be the tea tree one as it has antibacterial properties. Scrub a maximum of two times a week, and don’t get harsh on your skin. Gently rub and then wash off with water. And then moisturize with Mancode’s beard oil or moisturizer.

Keep it Dry and Fresh

As in monsoon, our skin gets oily; it makes the beards oily too. So try to use an oil-free moisturizer and keep your beards dry always. If you have caught yourself in the rain, always wash it off with clean water and beard wash after coming back home. Otherwise, the acids contained in the rain dehydrate and affect your beards and skin.

Beard Balm

Use a beard balm to save your beards from getting rough and frizzy. A beard balm will not only hydrate the skin but make your beads get ready for any occasion. Try beard balms from Mancude filled with natural wax and shea butter. And gift yourself a healthy and well-maintained beard.

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