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14 Best Desert Safari UAE and Adventures

Desert Safari UAE and Adventures

It is said that the United Arab Emirates is known for its beautiful architectural structures and top-quality shopping malls. But, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. U.A.E. is also a frequent destination for adventure seekers who love outdoor activities.

 There are a variety of adrenaline-inducing sports desert safari tours in 2022 and thrilling activities in Dubai for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an adventure. Adventure in U.A.E. provides everything from travel and hiking, racing, shooting, scuba diving, and wildlife and skiing.

Despite the scorching summer heat, U.A.E. was an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the globe for many years.

From October through April, the climate remains cool and, consequently, is the perfect time to try the exciting activities available in U.A.E. For an unforgettable trip, please take a look through our top twenty U.A.E. adventure activities.

14 Best Desert Safari UAE and Adventures

1.Ski Dubai Snow Park

Dubai provides an exciting entry point to snow skiing for enthusiasts. Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski resort in the U.A.E., offers its doors to those who love skiing.

 It is possible to snow boat or ski. Five distinct ski slopes are to be carved per the various difficulty levels. Therefore, whether you’re an experienced or beginner, you can select the slope that best suits your preferences.

In addition, you’ll receive all the equipment and clothing in the resort. Therefore, head over to the Ski Dubai and enjoy straight skiing uphill. It is Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort that covers 22,500 Square meters of indoor ski terrain.

The Ski Snow Park is located in the Mall of the Emirates. The first Middle Eastern indoor ski resort is Ski Dubai, Snow Park. The perfect spot to have fun with family and friends in the world’s most crowded indoor snow park with an incredible 3,000 Square meters of snow.

2.Ski Slope at Ski Dubai

The slope for skiing in Ski Dubai Park is the most loved spot for everyone of all different ages. As you ski through the snow, you will be carrying the unforgettable sensation.

3.Snow-surfing or snowboarding

Snow-surfing or snowboarding is among the most loved outdoor sports across the world. In the U.A.E., Ski Dubai Park allows you to enjoy snow-surfing within Dubai.

4.Lift Chair at Ski Dubai Park

In Ski Dubai Park, the most effective option is to look at the entire 22,500 Square meter chairlift in the Park. No age limit on chairlift rides in Ski Dubai Park.

5.The Snow Bullet Snow Bullet Sub Zero Zip Line

In this Park, you can also find the one hundred and fifty meters long zip line that is 16 meters high. This is located within the Ski Park. Sub Zero Zip Line is the only indoor zip line that operates at temperatures that are below zero.

6.Snow Penguins

It is also possible to take advantage of the spectacular presentation of the ‘MARCH OF Penguins’ each Day and at no cost.

7.Avalanche Cafe

The cafe is situated on the ski slopes. You can reach it via the chairlift or walking. The most well-known dish from the café is Avalanche hot chocolate.

8.Cycling along the Coast

For a break from the stresses of the Day, U.A.E. provides you the enjoyment of cycling along the coastline. Abu Dhabi offers a beautiful 10-mile cycling route close to the coastline.

The bike path, which is accompanied by the stunning city heights and a refreshing ocean breezes, indeed improves the experience of cycling. This is why it’s the ideal place for city dwellers who want to take advantage of their time out in the city.

9.Horse Riding

Mushrif Equestrian and Polo Club, Dubai, lets you enjoy the thrill of horse riding. It is possible to schedule your ride for the evening or daytime. You’ll get an excellent view of the stunning green oasis around you in the daylight and may cross tracks with a herd of camels cruising through.

 The nighttime is when you get to experience the sensation of riding through the cold nights beneath the Arabian moonlight. Additionally, you’ll appreciate the speed of lively and swift Arabic horses.

10.Off-Road Racing

Its terrain in U.A.E. comprises massive dunes and hills, which are ideal for racing off-road. The Rub al Khali desert, which is one of the largest globally, is home to the world’s most well-known track for off-road racing, thanks to its massive dunes.

 Get behind the wheel to experience an exciting and thrilling experience. The all-terrain vehicle is offered with experienced drivers available for lease for beginners. So, you can experience the beauty of the desert in an exciting and thrilling adventure riding.

12.Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers must have essential skills, like stamina, strength, and a sense of resiliency to face the rough terrain. U.A.E. provides some of the most challenging but suitable trails for mountain bikers to test their abilities.

 Thus, mountain biking is one of the most loved activities in the U.A.E. The Al-Hajar Mountain located in Dubai comprises 70 kilometers of track often used by bikers. They attempt to conquer the challenging and rough terrains that are obstacles for the brave and brave.


Abu Dhabi welcomes its visitors with an incredible Kayaking opportunity within the Eastern Mangroves Lagoon National Park. The waters stretch over 5 miles and offer an enjoyable Kayaking experience. If you are a kayaker, you can enjoy gliding along the rivers and filming the beauty of the surroundings and the stunning birds that fly by on the route.

The trip will be led by local guides who explain the Park and its trails and the animals that live there. It is a delightful experience for those who enjoy Kayaking.

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14.Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the top outdoor pursuits enjoyed by those in the U.A.E. The climbers are trying to conquer the ridges on the Hajar Mountain, which is a mighty mountain that rises to 3000 feet. The gorgeous rock formation is mainly made of limestone.

It motivates climbers to discover the many routes it offers and seeks new courses for an improved adventure. Rock climbing is slowly becoming a viral activity in the U.A.E. It draws youngsters worldwide to attempt the thrilling climbs of the high-peaked mountains and hills.

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