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Men’s fashion: 5 tips for a classy and casual look

5 tips for a classy and casual look

The classy and relaxed style.

For a classy man to dress casually, several criteria must be taken into account. It should be noted that the classy and casual style refers to a mixture of the formal and less formal look. This way of dressing has become very common among men lately. It comes from the world of work where we notice that the more relaxed look has taken the place of the “business clothing” suit. So how do you adopt this classy and relaxed style?

Details are important

There are details that should not be overlooked to adopt a successful classy and relaxed style. For a classy man to dress casually, he must avoid: wearing a wrinkled shirt, pants full of stains or a badly waxed or damaged pair of moccasins. But on the contrary, you have to iron your t-shirt, have raw straight jeans, and a pair of impeccable sneakers. In addition to that, you need a perfect beard rather than being in a suit with creased pants and shirt.


How colour can be paired with any pants?

To create a classy and relaxed look, you have to know how to combine colours that do not present too much contrast. For example, the white colour gives more of a versatile look, whether we are talking about sneakers than a shirt or a polo shirt. This colour can be paired with any pants. Speaking of suits, the dark colours more precisely the black colour goes nicely with the and with the majority of outfits. Colour has the ability to totally change your look. For example, an outfit consisting of a red bomb color, a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers will look informal. But only by changing the colour of the bombé to a navy blue colour or the jeans to a darker colour, the result is immediately more dressy.

The shoes: an important detail.

Basketball brings a special comfort which is why many people like to wear it. But nevertheless, they are not recommended for the classy and casual look. In this context, it is recommended to choose another option such as a pair of city shoes. At this level the black colour is more recommended. The brown colour gives a more formal look. The other colours will be more relaxed.

Regarding the shape, it should be noted that the more the shoe is round, the more it is qualified as relaxed. Conversely, the more pointed it is, the more it will be seen as formal. When a shoe is shiny and smooth, the dressier it will look. Example of casual footwear: derbies, moccasins, Chelsea, Desert boots to name a few. These shoes are essential for a casual classy style.

The blazer: an important piece.

In terms of classy men ‘s clothing , the blazer is one of the most important elements for a classy and casual style. This is a jacket that looks like a suit, but usually has 4 metal buttons. This type of men’s jacket is a piece that can be worn on all occasions: at the office, during sporting events…

In view of all the above, the casual classy look embodies the ideal compromise in terms of style and appeals to many men. It allows you to display a classy style without much effort. On the other hand, this style gives a very clean impression.

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The smart-casual style mixes formal outfits and city outfits. The idea is not to look overdressed, without looking neglected. The look, meanwhile, remains as elegant as possible. This type of look is suitable for many everyday situations, whether it’s going to work, going to a business meeting or even for a “date”. However, you have to know how to choose the right combinations for each circumstance. In addition, there are several basic pieces to count in your dressing room to dress properly with a chic and casual look. 

Here are some tips for making the right choices!

The smart casual style refers to a mix of the formal and less formal look. A style of clothing that has recently become very popular among men, it comes from the working world, where in recent years there has been a shift from “business” clothing to a more relaxed look . The transition from dressing business to smart casual was born from the trend among men to find new ways of dressing. Thus, in the office as during business meetings, we see more and more businessmen who adopt a more relaxed look, while remaining refined . More than a clothing choice, the chic and casual look demonstrates a sense of style and good taste. We find the essential pieces for a chic and relaxed life .

The style at the ready-to-wear specialist APC , among other fashion players.

Initially, errors of taste and dubious associations were legion. One thinks in particular of the combination of a shiny suit jacket with a polo shirt, T-shirt, sweatshirt or semi-unbuttoned shirt, all with jeans or linen trousers.

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